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Mosey Down started as a notion shortly after August of 2015. Our friend, Nealia Blake, was standing up to breast cancer and her friend, Tracy Truell (there were probably others), organized a benefit on the common in Walpole. Local rock legends, Turn It Loose, were providing live music and a friend of mine, Denise, suggested I get up and sing with the band (she knew I love to sing). I tried to explain that that’s not quite how it works so, she asked Nealie’s partner at the time (now husband) Michael Blake, who played guitar for TIL who said, “I don’t know. You better talk to Charlie.” Everyone knows Charlie Pratt! (Are you confused yet?)

Anyway, Charlie was kind enough to let me get up and sing a tune; I knew the drummer, Tim Perras, from before; and we ROCKED Livin’ After Midnight! It was electric! It was the first time I’d met Michael and something just clicked, musically. We were connected and we quickly became friends and almost immediately started talking about starting a music project together. It took over a year but, that project happened and it is now Mosey Down!

It hasn’t been fast or easy for sure but, we’re making a name for ourselves. We have a lot of talent and a lot of passion and we make great music!

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Celebrating 5 years

Today, January 6th 2022, marks five amazing years since Michael Blake’s and Michael Daley’s vision of the Band came to life… To all the members of MoseyDown, Michael Blake, Aaron Chistensen, Ron LaChappel, Christopher Newer and Michael Daley, Happy fifth…

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